That's right ! We have another two new members ! NicoPico and CenaFoam that makes a total of 8 people working on the mod ! some more great news is that we are a few steps away from the first release of the agecraft mod and trust me you guy's will be blown away by the work that the team has already completed ! Keep an eye out on the post or here on the website for the download

- Thanks xPureSurfx
Thats Right Guys ! We Have Two New Members Who Have Been Added To The Team ! MinerTrog909 And Casual_Dutchman Who Will Both Be Coding For The Agecraft Mod ! With Them On The Team I Definitely Think That The Mod Will Be Release Much Earlier Than Originally Planned! Can't Wait !
Welcome To The New Website Were The Team Will Have All Of The Mods We Are Working On, Display Plus A Page Were You Guys Can Leave Me Suggestions On How To Improve Our Mods Or Idea's Of Mods You Would Like To See Made ! Also On The Website I Have A Page For A Mod That We Are Working On At The Moment Called Agecraft The Agecraft Page Isn't Up To Date With Everything But I Will Update It When I Get The Time , But For Now It Just Has A Brief Of The Mod And A Link To The Minecraft Forum Post

- Thanks xPureSurfx 

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