That's right ! We have another two new members ! NicoPico and CenaFoam that makes a total of 8 people working on the mod ! some more great news is that we are a few steps away from the first release of the agecraft mod and trust me you guy's will be blown away by the work that the team has already completed ! Keep an eye out on the post or here on the website for the download

- Thanks xPureSurfx

16/04/2013 6:12pm

I opened the Minecraft folder and their was no mods folder so should I manually make 1 and paste the age craft zip file in the brand new mods folder...? and I downloaded the minecraft forge from the top of download page

16/04/2013 6:13pm

where do I put minecraft

23/04/2013 10:30am

Go to %appdata% - .minecraft - Bin - open Minecraft.jar with Winrar or 7zip, open with Winrar or 7zip, and drag all the files in Forge to Minecraft.jar, run Minecraft and wait forge dowload everything it is needed, when it reaches the Main Menu close Minecraft, go to %appdata% - .minecraft - Mods and then drag the there! Do not unzip it, hope this guide helps! =D

Rune Bloodstone
19/04/2013 7:42am

I saw the video Caveman put together, it sounds like a good set of changes! I'm just a beginning player but may get into trying mods some time. Caveman mentioned you have a new stone called Darkstone. Are you familiar with the Darksword trilogy? You totally have to read it.

23/04/2013 10:25am

I made the Darkstone idea, and Minertrog made the texture, but i never read Darksword, so not a reference of my part =P


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